Made in the North Caribou Plan – unique within Canada


OPEN HOUSE MARCH 25, 2019 in Cochrane.




Anna Baggio, Director Conservation Planning, Wildlands League and Al Thorne, Chief Forester, Ontario, Rayonier.

NEW JUNE 20, 2018 Moose Cree First Nation signs JOINT STATEMENT.

Chief Patricia Faries of Moose Cree First Nation joins Chief Bruce Archibald of Taykwa Tagamou Nation, Mayor of Cochrane, Rayonier  Advanced Materials and Wildlands League on the Made in the North Caribou Plan also known as the Cochrane Plan.

Northeastern Ontario has a plan to protect its communities, industry, jobs and its precious boreal caribou in the Abitibi River Forest. The plan, originally developed over five years ago, is a grassroots, consensus-driven approach that responds to Northeastern Ontario’s economic and environmental priorities.

The Made in the North Plan:

  • Protects jobs
  • Honours and respects First Nations
  • Conserves boreal caribou in the Kesagami Range
  • Respects communities
  • Incorporates best science & traditional knowledge

The proposed plan provides a sustainable approach to the management of the Abitibi River Forest, developed with an informed northern perspective. It establishes and maps three distinct “zones” within the forest. Collectively, the plan ensures a substantial, high-quality wood supply to provide long-term security for Northeastern Ontario’s forestry industry, while providing for the conservation of habitat important to the sustainability of healthy boreal woodland caribou populations.

See a map of the region and a map of the three zone approach.

Now we need the Ontario government to re-affirm its support for this unique collaboration and plan.  While full implementation may take 2-3 years, we need action in the meantime. There’s lots the Ontario government can do right now without delay to show its support.